Tutorial: Painting The Mandalorian Armorer Helmet

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Tutorial: Painting The Mandalorian Armorer Helmet

Hey Gang, 

Welcome back to another edition of Off Earth. Today I’m painting a resin cast of The Armorer helmet from the Mandalorian (TV Series). This helmet cast was cleaned up and painted using a lot of high quality professional products, including the paints themselves and equipment. This is my preferred technique but there are loads of products out there to match your budget so you can too make your own! 

One thing that is always challenging in painting any piece is patience. It may seem as if I’m whizzing through this build, but thanks to cuts, and time-lapses you don’t see all of the down time.. “Waiting on the paint to dry”. So take time to allow each layer to cure before moving to the next. Take your time with the application of each product, trust me it’ll pay off in the end! 

Remember, Don’t be afraid to fail at something new! Enjoy! 

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