DIY Vegas Sphere Brings The Show To You

DIY Vegas Sphere Brings The Show To You

With all the popularity of the Vegas Sphere right now, it is easily understandable that someone would want one in their own yard. However, there are few of us who will follow through to actually make it happen. The folks at the youtube channel DrZzs & GrZzs really pulled it off though.

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This project seems deceptively easy at first. People have been making LED walls and big displays forever right? Sure, but a sphere brings a whole new set of problems to solve. For example, if you just take a wall of LEDs and wrap it around a sphere, you’ll have uneven density and they wanted to maintain the ratio of LEDs to empty space all over the sphere. Ultimately they ended up with 20,000 LEDs placed one inch apart.

As you can see in the video, the results are pretty stunning. However, a little diffuser layer seems like it could really bring the effect home.

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