RFNM Now Available for Pre-Order

Back in April we posted about the RFNM, an upcoming software defined radio project which will have eight 12-bit ADCs, up to 612 MHz real time bandwidth, and two DACs for transmitting with up to 153 MHz bandwidth. The standard board will support tuning from 600 – 7200 MHz, with tuning expanded down to 10 MHz available via an RFFC2071A mixer daughterboard. The board also has an onboard VSPA DSP processor, as well as built in ARM CPU cores, and a 16 GFLOPS GPU all of which can help process the massive bandwidth, as that full live bandwidth will be very difficult to transfer and use on a PC.

The RFNM was been released for pre-order a few weeks ago to customers who had registered interest, and has now recently been released for general pre-orders. The pricing is:

  • RFNM MotherboardUS$299: LA9310, Si5510, i.MX8MP, 4GB LPDDR4, 64GB eMMC 5.1, Machined enclosure
  • Lime DaughterboardUS$179: 1x TX/RX, 1-3500 MHz, LMS7002M 
  • Granita DaughterboardUS$249: 2x RX or 1x RX + 1x TX, 10-7200 MHz, Arctic Semi Granita, Machined enclosure 
  • Breakout Board: US$19

You will need the motherboard and at least one daughterboard.

We have been in contact with Davide Cameron, the developer behind the project and he has mentioned that a pre-production unit should be on the way to us soon for testing and review. He has noted that the software and drivers are still in development, but he has already been able to get 122 MHz out through USB to SDR++ on a machine with a fast CPU. He has also had Cyberether running well on a Mac M1, and GNU Radio on all platforms.

The RFNM Motherboard

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