Brittany Cohen’s Fluid Based Wearable Art Is Mesmerizing

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Brittany Cohen’s Fluid Based Wearable Art Is Mesmerizing

Sometimes a few very simple concepts can breathe new life into a project. It takes a very smart and persistent person to figure out what those simple things are and to see the project through.

Brittany Cohen, an electrical engineer, has been sharing the process of building this mesmerizing fluid filled wearable art piece on TikTok, and you should follow along.

To say that these concepts are simple, might lead you to believe that they are easy. Don’t make that assumption. While pumping some fluid through a pipe is a basic mechanical task, putting that into a cohesive art piece that is also a functional bag, in a way that looks good and isn’t loud or cumbersome is a large and complex task. Luckily, you can follow along every step of the way through her tiktok.
She’s not skimping on details either. For example, she’s pumping fluids through a hose, so obviously she needs a pump. What pump should she use though? Turns out there are tons of options but she had to find the perfect balance of size, power, and noise.

If you watch closely, you might notice that the fluid pattern is more than just a solid tube of color water. There are intentional bubbles added at intervals to make patterns. That’s pretty clever.

Of course, the big question that many have is: “why a nose?”.

There’s a lot more to Brittany than just this bag, I highly recommend you check out her website, where you can see more of her work, or go to her shop where she sells jewelry.

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