This Portable Loom Lets You Weave on The Go

This Portable Loom Lets You Weave on The Go

If there’s anything the modern day maker needs, it is the ability to pop out some weaving when they have a spare few minutes. Imagine you’re taking the subway for your hour long morning commute and you reach into your bag and pull out a fully functional weaving loom. Well, that’s totally possible.

This 4 shaft portable loom folds up nice and tight but expands out to be spacious and usable very easily. Luckily, the full BOM and build process are fully documented so you can create your own!

This project was the final achievement of Asli, while she was an intern at the FabLab Amsterdam.

 The main objective of this project is to make shaft looms available for all users as it is an open source project. The available 4-shaft looms on the market are usually very expensive for hobby weavers and craftspeople who would like experiment with weaving. This is essentially a loom which you can experiment with various patterns and materials. The added functionalities of the loom are: being able to change the tie-up pattern without rewarping the loom (warping a loom is one of the most tedious part of weaving), and being collapsible to allow users to carry it with ease and store it in a small space when not used.

Go check it out and while you’re there, check out her whole portfolio, there is some fun stuff in there!

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