September 2022


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We are very excited this month, as we are hard at work preparing for Espressif Systems’ first online conference, Espressif DevCon2022, which will hopefully become an annual tradition. The event will be broadcast live on 19 and 20 October 2022, starting at 10:00am (Central European Summer Time) and finishing at 20:00 on both days.

This two-day online conference will highlight certain products and solutions created by Espressif and its partners. This event is designed, structured and put together by Espressif’s developers who wish to communicate and exchange ideas with the global community of developers. Espressif has always been close to the community, not only by offering its solutions on open-source platforms, but also by communicating directly with makers from around the world, responding to their questions and feedback.

That said, the aim of Espressif DevCon2022 is to bring together the global community of developers in real time, and share with them new insights, knowledge and tech tips, along with information about new projects and products. Not only will this event give the opportunity to ESP users from around the world to learn more about Espressif, its products and services, but it will also give Espressif the chance to collect feedback and listen to the needs and questions of its global community of supporters during the live broadcast.

You can expect more than 30 talks on such topics as Matter, ESP RainMaker, ESP-IDF, Privilege Separation, Embedded Rust, Components Manager, Board Support Packages, third-party frameworks, and more! This conference is open to anyone with a stable connection to the internet at no cost whatsoever. However, prospective attendees need to register in advance. As ever, Espressif actively supports the spreading of tech knowledge far and wide to people from all walks of life, thus contributing to the democratization of technology.

Our keynote speakers include Espressif’s Founder and CEO, Teo Swee Ann, and Espressif’s VP of Software Platforms, Ivan Grokhotkov, while we also have invited speakers from Microsoft, Arduino, Adafruit, Golioth, Toit, and Wokwi. Their presentations will be complemented by those of dozens of Espressif engineers whose expertise will keep our global audience spellbound. To view the entire program of the conference and fill in the registration form, please visit the official website of Espressif DevCon2022.

We can’t wait to chat with as many of you as possible on 19 and 20 October! If you already have any questions or topics you would like to discuss, just drop us a line on our Facebook event page.

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With ESP32-C2 as a QuickTrack-qualified solution, Espressif has made it easier for its customers to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM status for their products.

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Arduino is committed to making the list of devices it supports on its platforms grow; hence, ESP32-S2, S3, and C3 have been added to this list.

ESP32-DevKitC V4 with Dual-Antenna Module Hits the Market

Espressif’s IoT dev board, ESP32-DevKitC V4, which has an embedded ESP32-WROOM-DA, has become commercially available. With two complementary antennas and the coexistence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Classic & Low-Energy) connectivity, ESP32-DevKitC V4 enhances the quality of wireless connectivity across large areas.

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