IEEE Article on Passive Radar with the KrakenSDR

The IEEE Spectrum magazine is a print and online magazine by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a professional society for electric and electronics engineers.

In the November edition of the magazine the KrakenSDR was featured in an article by Stephen Cass titled “Build a Passive Radar With Software-Defined Radio > Spot stuff with the KrakenSDR and two TV antennas“. The article is free to read online.

The article is an overview of the passive radar capabilities of the KrakenSDR, and how Stephen was able to set up a station on his apartment building in his home town of New York City. His setup consists of a KrakenSDR, Raspberry Pi 4 and two Yagi antennas. One ‘reference’ Yagi points at the TV transmit tower on the Empire state building and another ‘surveillance’ Yagi points towards the skies where aircraft are flying.

The reflections or echoes of the TV signals bouncing off the aircraft can be received by the surveillance antenna and compared against the signal from the reference antenna. From that a range-doppler radar map can be obtained.

The KrakenSDR is currently in stock and available for sale on or on CrowdSupply. We are currently working on enhancements to the passive radar software which will allow you to plot the ‘bistatic range ellipse’ on a map – more information on that soon.

A depiction of Stephen’s passive radar setup with his KrakenSDR.

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