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Hi everyone,

Espressif is taking part in the upcoming Maker Faire in Prague on 17–18 September 2022, and in Brno on 22–23 October. Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of inventions and creativity that gathers technology enthusiasts, crafters, and educators from the Czech Republic and abroad. Makers come to show their creations and visitors get the opportunity to try new gadgets firsthand. This technology festival is the perfect combination of sciences, traditional crafts, the latest technological trends and design.

The Maker Faire in Prague will be celebrating its fifth year in 2022, and will take place in the Prague Market Hall, a magnificent space where visitors will be able to find Espressif’s delegation among many others. The international programme of the Festival will take place both indoors and outdoors, where dozens of makers will showcase their projects. Visitors will have the opportunity to get involved in several workshops and installations.

The Maker Faire in Brno will be organised for the third consecutive year in 2022. It will take place at the weekend on 22–23 October in the perfectly fitting venue of Pavilion A1 in the Brno Exhibition Centre. Visitors will have the chance to familiarise with hundreds of makers and their projects. As ever, attendees will be able to participate in numerous workshops and installations. The program will take place indoors and partly outdoors.

Espressif Systems’ participation in both cities of the Czech Maker Faire aims to introduce the latest ESP-based solutions to the general public, while getting to know local makers better.

So, those of you who happen to be in Prague and Brno, on 17–18 September and 22–23 October, respectively, do come and say “hi” to Espressif’s representatives! They will be more than happy to meet you and explain to you all about our innovative AIoT solutions.

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