Everything In Its Own Jar

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Nuts, washers, screws and nails, all different sizes and kinds of fasteners; LEDs, resistors, switches, servos and other electronic components; ear plugs, zip ties, pens and pencils, labels and stickers, hooks, needles and pins — everything like that. Mark Zalme had an idea how to organize everything like that in transparent containers that could be mounted on pegboard in his garage in Asheville, North Carolina. Over 3-4 years, he developed this idea into a product called WallWerx, a workspace organizing system.

The WallWerx Organizing System

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Mark is one of those people who obsess about ways to organize things. Putting everything in clear jars and hanging them from pegboards was his product idea. He wanted to use Mason jars originally and they still work but hardware stores told him that his containers needed to be plastic, not glass.

WallWerx consists of a clip that holds a plastic jar securely by its lid and attaches easily on a pegboard. The container is removeable and easily replaced. It’s a great idea for home workshops, craft rooms and especially makerspaces where all these things need to be found, used and put away by many different people.

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