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Hi everyone,

From 3 until 6 August 2022, Espressif is taking part in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), which is the most highly regarded platform for the LED and lighting industry, as it provides a unique chance for all industry players to communicate, cooperate and create valuable business opportunities. You can find Espressif’s delegation in Zone B, Hall 10.2, booth D48. Please scan the QR code in the picture below, to register and get your ticket.

By embracing the digital transformation, the lighting industry faces new opportunities in intelligent lighting controls, predictive management, space and occupancy analytics, beacon networking among many other applications that have created additional value to basic lighting fixtures. With this in mind, the theme chosen for the 27th edition of GILE is ‘New Era, New Opportunity’ along with the theme of the fringe programme ‘Turning Ideas Into Action’, which promises to share different ways of thinking about lighting in the new era, as well as how to put those ideas into practice.

Espressif Systems’ participation in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition aims to showcase two cost-effective, wireless-communication SoCs, ESP32-C2 and ESP32-C3, which are especially suitable for smart-lighting applications. Both of these SoCs combine 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 5 (LE), while being built around RISC-V MCUs which provide stable and secure wireless connectivity.

We are also highlighting ESP RainMaker, our complete system for building Cloud-connected AIoT products, which is a private Cloud solution based on the AWS serverless architecture. Its many advantages include a pay-as-you-grow economic plan, easy adoption and deployment, best-in-class data security, voice-integration support, as well as full ownership and platform control. ESP RainMaker reduces the building time for your solutions to a single week, while it covers all Espressif chips and modules, device firmware, voice-assistant integrations, phone apps, and Cloud backend. This helps you minimize your R&D costs, gain independence, and focus on innovating your core-value offering.

Additionally, we are demonstrating Espressif’s one-stop Matter solution, which can simplify and accelerate the development of Matter devices significantly. This solution marks the culmination of our ongoing contribution to the Matter standard in various areas, including protocol formulation, core stack implementation and certification test events.

Furthermore, we are exhibiting Espressif’s ESP32-C3-based smart switch, which upgrades traditional switches to smart switches, without rewiring, or configuring a gateway. It also combines low power-consumption with reliable and secure Wi-Fi connectivity. In our GILE booth visitors may also see ESP32-S3-BOX, Espressif’s AI voice-development kit, which provides a platform for developing the control of smart devices with offline and online voice assistants. ESP32-S3-BOX is ideal for developing not only smart speakers, but also IoT devices that achieve an excellent human-machine interaction. To this end, ESP32-S3-BOX integrates a touch screen controller, various sensors, an infrared controller and a smart gateway. Finally, we are demonstrating Espressif’s new human-detection solution, ESP-WIFI-CSI.

So, those of you who happen to be in Guangzhou from 3 to 6 August 2022 do come to Espressif’s stall and say “hi” to our representatives there. They will be more than happy to explain all about our innovative AIoT solutions.

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ESP RainMaker: Accelerate Your AIoT Business with a Platform You Own

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