New ESP32 Products from Espressif Systems

So the folks at Espressif decided that the ESP-WROOM-32 was not good enough and there had to be something even better than that to prove what the ESP32 can actually do. And that is where the ESP-WROVER module came in. The module now embeds an

  • External 32MBit pSRAM chip
  • IPX antenna connector for adding an external antenna (first ESP32 SMD module to have this as far as we know!)

Right now, it seems like a custom SRAM by Espressif or a rebranded product from someone else. We will keep our blog updated to that. ESP-WROVER module resource page will be maintained by us with latest information and tutorials useful for getting up and started with this module. Do subscribe to get latest updates on the module and our resource page!

Just in case you are curious about the pinout and how it changed when the SRAM was added, here is the pinout for you:

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