May 2022

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By heavily investing in R&D, we have developed various series of robust, secure, wireless-communication MCUs which today power more than 700 million devices worldwide. Thus, we have established Espressif as a unique, one-stop, AIoT solution-provider of not just powerful hardware, but also of innovative SDKs, Firmware, Cloud backend, phone apps, and voice integrations.

As a valued AWS Technology Partner, Espressif has enhanced the advantages of its unique offerings even further by leveraging AWS’ expertise, global reach, and automatic scaling based on serverless technologies. Espressif’s ESP32, ESP32-C and ESP32-S series of SoCs and modules are qualified for FreeRTOS or AWS IoT, making it easy for customers to select the correct hardware. Additionally, Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module provides an easy way for customers to use it as an AWS IoT connectivity interface with other MCUs.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly-adopted Cloud platform. Its IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering provides administrators with direct control over operating systems, while the AWS PaaS (Platform as a Service) offers users flexibility and ease of operation. Espressif’s close collaboration with AWS enables us to leverage the complete set of AWS’ Cloud computing services, including Cloud elasticity, storage resources, databases and applications. Having already built numerous AWS-based hardware and software solutions, Espressif has strengthened its portfolio of offerings, successfully meeting a varied range of customer demands, including innovation, security and cost-efficiency.

Espressif’s ESP RainMaker® provides customers with a one-stop, development-free and maintenance-free AIoT solution for private Cloud deployment, reducing R&D costs and accelerating time-to-market. This service is entirely developed on the AWS Cloud. It provides a comprehensive solution that covers everything from the underlying chip to the device firmware, the third-party voice-assistant integration, mobile apps and the dashboard. The solution works on all Espressif SoCs and modules. This helps our customers accelerate their product launch, while also providing them with full control over their devices, the associated data, and Cloud management. Based on ESP RainMaker, customers will be able to build their own AIoT devices and ecosystem.

ESP RainMaker has adopted the AWS serverless architecture, and has chosen the AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB services for building an elastically scalable resource configuration. Therefore, ESP RainMaker’s demand for AWS Cloud resources adapts to the actual circumstances automatically. This ensures both a low dev-ops overhead and reasonable expenses, since they are proportional to the actual usage of the service. With ESP RainMaker, customers can realize a series of product functions such as device provisioning, control, management, diagnostics and OTA upgrade, which further ensure a reliable operation and a better user experience. Powered by AWS, ESP RainMaker is available in any country and region that is also covered by the services and rapid-deployment features of AWS.

We look forward to welcoming more enterprises that will choose to take advantage of our AWS-powered AIoT Cloud solution. By enabling agile product development, reducing R&D costs, and driving greater profitability, ESP RainMaker enables our customers to truly focus on their core offerings. If you want to know more about Espressif’s cooperation with AWS, or if you wish to conduct business with us, please contact our customer support team.

Other topics you can read about in this month’s newsletter include:

Announcing an AWS IoT Reference Example for ESP32-C3

Espressif is pleased to announce the stable release of esp-aws-iot on GitHub and a reference example for the ESP32-C3, developed in collaboration with the AWS team. The combination of these repositories provides a production-ready starting point for making applications that connect to AWS IoT Core, using esp-aws-iot.

Update on Espressif’s Support for Zephyr

Since tracking the development of Espressif’s supportfor Zephyr through commits is somewhat painful, this article aims to provide a clear update on the features we have added recently, and clarify the direction of Espressif’s support for this project in the future.

The First Makerspace in Siem Riep!

Independent maker, STEM educator and Espressif supporter, Tomoyuki Sakurai, has created the first makerspace in Siem Riep, Cambodia, called “Makers Siem Reap”. Its mission is to provide a place where people with shared interests in electronics and information technology can gather to work on various projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

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