Pulp Molding: How to Make Your Material

This week’s video is the fourth in the series about prototyping a proof of concept eco-friendly pulp molded wireless charger.

This video follows the process of chopping up corrugated cardboard to produce the pulp slurry that is needed to make the fiber molded charging stand. The chopped fibers are suspended in a large container of water and the mold is drawn through the mixture to catch the fibers that are caught on the brass wire mesh mold. The mixture is then force dried in a dehydrator for several hours.

Once dry the part can be removed and assembled, and the wireless charger unit added.In today’s throw away society we need to start thinking differently about our consumable product and the materials that they are made of. For a product that has a lifespan of months there are definitely better alternatives than plastic for us to make products out of.

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