My Coding Story: Cian

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Be inspired by the story Cian, a 20-year-old software engineer apprentice at Google in Ireland. Since attending his first CoderDojo coding club session 9 years ago, he developed skills in coding and digital making. His mentors at CoderDojo encouraged his curiosity, and they helped him to learn new things and realise that, inside a computer, he can create anything he wants.

Cian’s local CoderDojo in Drogheda, Ireland, was the second-ever CoderDojo in the whole world. Cian’s dad encouraged him to attend the coding club. Because Cian was a shy child, he was nervous about attending his first Dojo session. But he was hooked immediately when he started coding his first website with simple HTML and CSS.

Being part of the CoderDojo community for over 6 years gave Cian a space to share his passion with others, learn new skills, and grow his confidence. From meeting like-minded friends and developing apps and websites together, to serving as a youth member on the Digital Youth Council, Cian has embraced the many experiences CoderDojo opened up for him. They were all of great benefit when he decided to apply for a software engineering apprenticeship at Google.

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