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Piyush Shah

ESP RainMaker has been around for more than a year now and we have been adding quite some features to it every few months. Here we are now, with some more new features.

To share a node, go to the parameters control page by tapping the device tile on the home page, click on the (i) on top right and then scroll own to the bottom where you can find an option to Add a new member. Note that you can add only those users who have already signed up for RainMaker. The user who shares the node is called the primary user for the node, whereas all the other users added are called secondary users.

The secondary user with whom the node was shared can open the phone app, and under the User profile page, go to “Sharing Requests”. It will show all the sharing requests received, which can then be accepted or declined. Soon, we will provide push notifications to alert users that someone has shared RainMaker nodes with them.

Once the sharing is accepted, the secondary user can control and monitor the node, in the same way as the primary user. However, he/she cannot share it further. For more information, check out the docs here.

Even though the phone apps have only single level groups, the RainMaker backend supports even sub groups. You can check out the Grouping APIs here if you are interested.

Apart from these features, we have made quite some visual and convenience related improvements. Download our latest apps from here and check these out for yourself. You can give your feedback either on GitHub or the forums.

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