How To Mold A Collapsible Container

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How To Mold A Collapsible Container

My latest video is a follow up to a popular video about making a collapsible silicone container. Previously I took 25 attempts at making a collapsible container molded in the upright position. In this video I attempt the same container molded in the collapsed position.

Turns out this way of making a collapsible container is much easier than in the extended position. I even use one of the old 3D printed molds to help me out in the project.In the video I craft the CAD data of the collapsed container in Fusion 360, print the molds in PLA, apply a release agent and add some shore 60A silicone to cast the vessel.

This time I made some molds that are a bit easier to separate than the previous attempts. They work well and I am able to release the parts without much issue. I use some sand to aid in my goal of getting the silicone to hold its upright position. All in all a successful project.

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