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Charles Platt - Explaining Electronics

“People think of electronics as a field that changes fast, but the fundamentals don’t change,” said Charles Platt, author of Make: Electronics. “Everything is still made out of transistors; the only difference since 1975 is that the transistors have become smaller! The information in my book is as topical as ever, and it will still be important as a foundation for understanding electronics, 10 or 20 years from now. However, improvement is always possible!”

Upon the release of the Third Edition of Make Electronics, I talk with Charles Platt about his background as a writer, why he thought a new and better book explaining electronics could be written, and what he’s added and changed in this new edition.

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About the Third Edition:

  • The new edition has more than 100 all-new diagrams in color to guide the reader in building circuits. They are more realistic and easier to understand. 
  • All of the schematics are in exactly the same orientation as components on a breadboard. 
  • More than 80% of the text has been rewritten. 
  • Some of the circuits were totally revised. 
  • The final chapters about microcontrollers were completely revised and expanded. 

The scope of Make: Electronics is very broad.  You start with just a 9V battery and you end up with logic diagrams. The Third Edition has more than 330 pages and almost 300 photographs and diagrams.  Platt continues to make everything as simple as possible. “I wanted to reduce the necessary number of parts, so that people on a limited budget could still do the hands-on work,” said Platt.  Make: Electronics Third Edition is now even better for anyone wanting to learn all about electronics.  “My bias is that books are still the best way for you to learn electronics,” added Platt.

Make: Electronics Third Edition

By Charles Platt

ISBN: 978-1-68045-712-4

Available in Maker Shed or on Amazon

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