Make Your Own Realistic Halloween Tombstone

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Tombstones are a must for any Halloween lover, but store-bought ones always seem a bit underwhelming. With this tutorial and some common materials from your local hardware and craft stores, you can make realistic tombstones that would fool the dead!

In this video I’ll cover shaping, carving, texturing, and painting/weathering.

Materials you’ll need:

-Insulating foam board
-Small hand saw
-Ruler or straightedge
-Compass for drawing circles
-Trim router and carving bits (medium and small)
-Shop vacuum
-Gorilla glue
-Something heavy (for holding down items while glue dries)
-Vinyl cutter and vinyl (or printer with paper)
-Painter’s tape
-Black spray paint
-Razor blade
-Water in spray bottle
-Grey masonry sealer
-Paint for weathering (black, grey, moss green, etc) and paintbrushes

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